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Air cargo is a trade facilitator that contributes to global economic development and creates millions of jobs. The global economy depends on the ability to deliver high-quality products at competitive prices to consumers worldwide. Air cargo transports over US $6 trillion worth of goods, accounting for approximately 35% of world trade by value.

Source: IATA

Air cargo contributes by carrying important shipments all over the world and facilitates the supply chain of, foodstuff, mail, automotive parts, electronics, flowers, vaccines, medical supplies, high-value shipments like jewelry, livestock, horses, airplane parts, and many other important shipments that support businesses and keep jobs around the globe.

Air cargo means: fast shipping, reliable arrival and departure times, shipments can be sent almost anywhere, secure and with low risk, less packaging and less need for warehousing, and cargo possibility of being tracked.

Types of Air Cargo

There are two types of air cargo – general and special cargo.

General cargo includes high-value goods, such as electronics, jewelry, and pharmaceuticals. Air shipping is more expensive than shipping by sea, but due to the high margins and the fact that many electronic goods are fragile, air freight is the most appropriate form of transport.

Special cargo requires special conditions for transporting goods, such as temperature control, certain air conditions, or protected casing (e.g. if the goods are hazardous or livestock).

Cargo Handling

Effective ground operations are essential to meet the passenger and cargo demand.  Putting safety first, implementing global standards, and accelerating the speed of innovation and process modernization is key.

Cargo handlers at airports have a critical role to play in keeping essential goods moving during this unprecedented time. Cargo handlers should ensure the efficient and secure handling of the cargo. Cargo handlers must provide appropriate equipment for unloading the different types of aircraft.

We in MixJet Flight Support are determined to contribute to building reliable Air Cargo Networks by providing international aviation services regardless of its well-known complexity these days.

Our teams are prepared to provide efficient and secure CARGO HANDLING services worldwide. We are ready 24/7 to handle all flight requirements and demands with the excellent quality flight operators deserve, smoothing cargo shipments trips globally.

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