14Feb 2019

Fly into the new dimension in aviation services industry

OGTS, Online Global Trip Support system, is the offspring and the fruit of more than 20 years of extensive experience in the aviation services industry. It is the outcome of relentless pursuit of the hard working dedicated team of MixJet Flight Support Company renowned as one of the best global flight support providers.

Through OGTS, Flight Operators can now create a service request, identifying flights, fleet information and schedule trips all on their own user dashboard, putting all the information required together in one place, saving time, saving money, saving hassle.

This complete service solution works the way you want, to provide the support you need and is available anywhere, at any time.

30May 2019

With more than 4,500 aviation services agents/companies in around 10,000 airports around the world. How would a flight operator if need be choose a partner to support all the services required?  How would an operator optimize services costs without compromising safety? Equally importantly, how to refuel the trip on time, every-time to meet an exacting schedule?  What is the criteria for choosing a reliable efficient support partner?

Every jet owner/flight operator knows that the most reliable service support companies/agents not only guide the flight from point A to point B but also take responsibility for delivering!

First aspect to consider in selecting Aviation Service Providers is if they offer comprehensive 24/7 support and trip support services on a global basis. Such companies are should also able to offer savings, for example, in insurance rates and fueling costs because of their advantage in economies of scale. In addition, you wish to choose an Aviation Service Provider who offers flexible service options, so that you are not bound to pay for services that you do not need. 

Second important aspect is the service level and quality standards of the Aviation Service Provider. There are human lives in aviation maybe at potential risk each day, therefore the highest service levels are a crucial necessity.

Third important consideration is the aviation service provider’s price structure. What service packs do they offer? Is bundling of services possible and how flexible are their offerings? It is always wise to do some research and compare pricing structures.

The Fourth thing to check: Check their level of expertise, competence, and proficiency.  Who their clients are? What do their client say about their services?

The fifth important attribute is transparency. Transparency is an integral aspect of any progressive commercial relationship between a provider and its customers. Transparency increases trust, builds healthy relationship, increases productivity and boosts innovation.

The VALUE of a partner

Successful and strategic business partnership is a win-win for both parties. It is based on mutual benefits and satisfaction to both business partners.

In OGTS, we value our business partners and we provide them peace of mind.  No matter how complex the trip, OGTS will make your tip support a pleasant experience. Now you can control everything for your trip on your own dashboard. Get your requests answered and confirmed directly online and enjoy working without emails and phone calls.

29Jun 2019

One of the famous quotes of the American physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson “Aviation is the branch of engineering that is least forgiving of mistakes”. Among of the mistakes that are costly and not forgiven in aviation industry is time wasting and time mismanagement.

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