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For How Long Can The World Afford To Live Without Aviation?

The COVID-19 pandemic is having an enormous impact on the aviation industry, affecting passenger traffic, air cargo demand, airport workforce, and incoming revenues.
Some airlines have already collapsed. Others are at risk. Many have lost jobs and many have had pay cuts and compulsory unpaid leaves. As coronavirus goes global and as we see no near breakthrough, the aviation industry is in a truly serious condition.

Aviation is contributing to global economic growth and prosperity. Aviation is one of the most “global” industries: connecting people, cultures, and businesses across continents.
Did we say aviation only? Just imagine how many businesses and jobs are connected directly or indirectly to aviation and are in jeopardy? Let’s try to mention some:

Direct within the industry
Indirect/induced (industry supply chain)
o Suppliers: Off-site fuel suppliers – Food and Beverage- Construction
o Manufacturing: Computers – Retail goods
o Business: Services – Call centers – Accountants – Lawyers, Banks – Computer software – Education industry (schools, colleges, institutions, academies, universities)
o Induced (spending of direct and indirect employees): Food & beverages – Recreation and leisure – Transport – Clothing – Household goods.
Tourism industry: Tour operators – Museums and tourism facilities – Travel agents – Restaurants and cafes – Entertainment – Financial services.
Hotels and hospitality industry
Airports & services:
o Civil airports
o Handling & catering
o Freight services
o Aircraft maintenance
o Fuelling on-site
o Retail (duty-free and other retail services)
o Taxis and transportation
o Restaurants and cafes
o Catering industry
o Jet fuel industry
o Aircraft related industries
o Aviation ground handling companies
o Aviation services providers
o Local civil aviation authorities

This global impact on aviation, tourism, trade, and economy, have been reported through the ICAO report. The report dated May 15, 2020, is summarizing the impact in brief (subject to substantial changes) as follows:

Air passenger traffic: An overall reduction of air passengers (both
international and domestic) ranging from 35% to 65% in 2020 compared to 2019 (by ICAO)

Airports: An estimated loss of over 50% of passenger traffic and 57% or
over USD 97 billion airport revenues in 2020 compared to business as usual (by ACI)

Airlines: A 48% decline of revenue passenger kilometers (RPKs, both international and domestic) in 2020 compared to 2019
(by IATA)

Tourism: A decline in international tourism receipts of between USD 910 to 1,170 billion in 2020, compared to the USD 1.5 trillion generated in 2019,
with 96% of worldwide destinations having travel restrictions (by UNWTO)

Trade: A fall of global merchandise trade volume by between 13% and 32% in 2020 compared to 2019 (by WTO)

Global economy: A projected ‐3% contraction in world GDP in 2020, far worse than during the 2008–09 financial crisis (by IMF)

Air transportation is the safest and most efficient affordable means of public transportation. No alternative means of transport exist over long distances and across geographical barriers.

The one-million-dollar question is: For How Long Can We Afford To Live Without Aviation?

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