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    With An Experience of more than a decade, MixJet offers an unmatched combination of capacity, capability and commitment.

Company Profile  

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    MixJet Founded

     Established in 2007, MixJet Flight Support is a leading IATA accredited and NBAA associated international flight support company, catering to over 200 clients and thousands of fliers annually.

    With a head office at Sharjah (UAE) and network offices in Sweden and Russia (for CIS countries) and Egypt, the company offers end-to-end services that are instrumental in building a positive flight and operational experience for companies across the globe.



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    Our Services
    1. Global flight support services
    2. International flight services
    3. International trip support
    4. Flight planning
    5. Filing ATC plans
    6. Weather and NOTAMs
    7. Flight movements reports
    8. Flight permits
    9. Worldwide preferred ground handling arrangements
    10. Global arrangements for Jet fuel uplift
    11. Charter services
    12. Concierge services


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    MixJet Flight Support is an active member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA); a well-known body that represents over 240 airlines and helps formulate industry policy on critical issues.

    We are also a committed member of the National Business Aviations Association (NBAA), which represents more than 9000 companies and offers 100+ products and services to the aviation community, including exhibitions and tradeshows.

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    Why MixJet Flight Support

    With an experience of more than a decade, MixJet offers an unmatched combination of capacity, capability and commitment.

    Our customer-centric services are designed to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum turnaround time, because we know that our clients benefit only through high productivity and on-time delivery.

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    The MixJet team is led by our founder president, Mr. Munir Khalefeh. He is a visionary and an exemplary leader who holds several decades of experience across various aviation operations.

    Today, we have a worldwide network of 200 employees who work round the clock and deliver the highest quality service. They are a team of highly qualified, well-trained and multi-lingual professionals who are capable of handling client requests,

    resolving queries and attending emergencies. Our team works 24×7 to offer seamless services across operations.

    We treat our employees with respect, encourage them, recognize and reward them for their hard work.

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    MixJet enjoys a strong foothold in the aviation industry. We have a committed, accountable and reliable team that helps us deliver valuable services to our clients like aircraft manufacturing and services companies, air charter operators, aviation companies, private aircrafts used by head of states and other dignitaries, etc.

    Some of the prestigious clients in our portfolio are Antonov, Rotana Jet and the Spanish Air Force.

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    We believe in delivering customer centric service in a timely and cost-effective manner. Through ongoing investments in equipment, processes and personnel, we aim to maximize value for our clients.